About Yingl Tsingl

Eliezer Trepman
Yingl Tsingl

Yingl Tsingl (Eliezer Trepman) grew up in a secular Yiddish household in Montreal, Canada.

His parents survived the Holocaust, spoke Yiddish at home, and were active in the community in teaching, writing, musical performance, publishing, directing a summer camp, and Jewish library administration.

Yingl learned Yiddish in school beginning in grade 2, and he later began writing articles, translating, and creating original music in Yiddish.

For several years, he served as coeditor of One Generation After (Boston) Newsletter/Voice, expanding it to a literary magazine for the Second Generation, including translated Yiddish pieces. He has published articles in Forverts and Yiddisher Kemfer and a volume about his father’s life.

Yingl raised a Yiddish-speaking family. He has helped numerous people learn and increase their enjoyment of Yiddish language and culture.