Medresh Itsik

Medresh Itsik: Itzik Manger's brilliant poetry set to original modern folk-rock music.


Medresh Itsik: Itzik Manger’s brilliant poetry set to original modern folk-rock music, for the next generation. The album includes a 24-page booklet with lyrics, translations, and a foreword by Paul Trepman, z’l. 










The Song of Itzik Manger

“Itzik Manger came into the Yiddish literature like a stormy whirlwind which, however, did not tear out cities and lands, villages and forests, but honored them and sang about them with so much heart and love, with so much virtuosity, that the people – the readers – no longer abandoned the poet. He became their poet, because through his rhyme or line, our Patriarchs… came down to Vienna or Kolomyja, to Czernowitz or to Warsaw, and accompanied them – the readers – on their tragically sad way of existence…”

– Paul Trepman


געזאנג -אריינפיר - יידיש





פאול טרעפמאן

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