Paul Trepman: Books, Publications, Archives

Paul Trepman was born in Warsaw, Poland. During the war, he was a member of the Polish underground and survived 7 German concentration camps.

After the war, he coedited Unzer Sztyme (“Our Voice” – the first Yiddish newspaper in the British zone of Germany) and Vochnblatt (“Weekly”) and served in the leadership of the Central Committee of the Jews in the British Zone of Germany.

Ze'ev Jabotinsky, the leader of Betar, in Warsaw, 1938. Jabotinsky (with glasses) stands at the right. Paul Trepman (left, wearing a light coat), takes a photograph.

After emigration to Canada, he taught Yiddish and Hebrew studies at Jewish Peoples’ Schools, directed Unzer Camp-Kindervelt, served as the Executive Director of the Jewish Public Library, and was a frequent contributor to the Yiddish newspaper Keneder Odler (“Canadian Eagle”).

This 512-page, fully indexed volume contains abstracts of Trepman’s articles and summarizes the holdings of the Paul Trepman Collection at the Jewish Public Library Archives. The book is beautifully produced and includes many photographs and archival documents about Trepman’s interactions with well-known Jewish personalities such as:

At the old Jewish Public Library on Esplanade Avenue, Montreal, ca. 1948-49. Front row (left to right): unknown woman, Joseph Opatoshu, and Rokhl Korn. Behind them (left to right): Paul Trepman and Melech Ravitch.

  • Zelig Brodetzky
  • Sami Feder
  • Herb Gray
  • Yitzchak Grinboym
  • Ze’ev Jabotinsky
  • Teddy Kollek
  • Rokhl Korn
  • Abba Kovner
  • Chaim Lazar
  • Leibush Lehrer
  • Mani Leyb
  • Itzik Manger
  • Yosef Opatoshu
  • Melech Ravitch
  • Zalman Shazar

…and many more.

This book is a useful sourcebook for researchers and others who are interested in the Holocaust, the postwar Rebirth in Germany, genealogy, and the Montreal Jewish community.

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